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How to win ?


Our publisher diary has come to and end with the last part dedicated to the scoring phase at the end of the game and to a few strategy tips. It’s important to remember that NINE has a high tactical depth so focusing on the same options turns after turns may not be the most efficient choice!


How to score VPs in NINE ?

A game of NINE last 8 rounds. You will gain VPs during the game but you will score most of them at the end of the game, during the scoring phase :




For each type of Civilization token (Science ,Military et Chaos), the player who owns the most of them gains a Supremacy token, which is worth 4VP. Should a player controlling Justice and gain a Supremacy token, they gain an additional one!



Justice ByunHyungJa

Influences majorities

Each type of Influence card, the player with the most cards score the value of the Influence. Their opponents flipped their cards of this type face-down. If no player has the majority, all player flipped their cards face-down.



Dos carte

Face-down cards

Players score 1VP for each face-down card, not matter if it was flipped face down dring the game or during the Influence majority scoring.





Each Diamond you own is worth 5VP.




Each Coin you own is worth 1VP.



VP tokens

Score the value of your VP tokens.



Fenghuang Alpha


Lose 1VP for each face-up Hero in your play area.



The winner is the player with the most VPs. In case of a tie, the tied player with the lowest majority Influence card wins the game…another opportunity for Justice to win the game!


Example of strategies

Here are a few examples of strategies you can pursue in NINE. This is only an overview of all the possibilities as the game offers a large choice of options ...


Tomorrow Abhilasha Phoenix Goan-Sul Xi'an

Resources and diamonds
2 Influence cards that give resources + Xi’an

Xi’an is the key to this strategy as he helps you to exchange your tokens in excess for other types of tokens. You need to control the majority of at least another Influence card that provides you with tokens (Tomorrow, Phoenix, Goan-Sul and sometimes Abhilasha) to quickly convert them and being able to gain a Diamond as early as possible. This strategy helps you to remain competitive for Supremacies as well at the end of the game!

The drawback is you will be the target of opposing Alpha cards or Goan-Sul ability…



Galmi Narashima ByunHyungJa Fenghuang.jpg Alpha

No resource strategy
Galmi + Narashima + Byun Hyung Ja + cartes Héros

It is possible to win without generating resources, but it’s harder to win with no resources! Narashima helps you to play Heroes to steal your opponent’s tokens or to copy their Influences abilities. Playing Galmi and/or Byun Hyung Ja in addition to Narashima gives you a solid position as no one will be willing to play an Alpha card against you (as you will not have a lot a resources to steal), and you will be adaptable. Galmi will help you to block your opponent’s Influences abilities as you will control 2 more cards than them.



Abhilasha Phoenix ByunHyungJa

Discrete strategy
Abhilasha + cartes peu agressives

Abhilasha offers a discrete strategy: you will gain 1VP each turn with only 1 or 2 Abhilasha cards. Your opponents will have to react as it is a strong return on investment, with 12 points in 8 turns with 1 or 2 cards! If you play a few more non-aggressive cards like Phoenix or Byun Hyung Ja (for the 9VP or to protect your Influences) you will naturally protected against your opponents attacks…until they realize you are in a good position to win.



Narashima Goan-Sul

Destruction strategy
Narashima + Goan-Sul

If you feel like a warmonger and you don’t mind losing your friends, we recommend this strategy! Activate Goan-Sul destruction ability and give a Military token to your opponent, then take it back by playing Alpha and discard it with Narashima’s ability! If you destroy several cards in the same turn, opponent’s Influence majorities are not a problem anymore ...



Tomorrow Phoenix Fenghuang

Anti-randomness strategy
Tomorrow + Phoenix + Fenghuang

If you wish to add a lot of control to your games, we recommend this one:

  • Play Tomorrow for a maximum card draw during the game
  • Play Phoenix to play more cards from your hand and block your opponent’s majorities.
  • Play Fenghuang to gain a Culture token and copy Narashima’s ability to discard it. More Culture means more control!



See you in Essen at booth 4D119 !


Our Publisher Diary is now complete! We hope you know now if the game is made for you or not. The game will be released in Essen at the end of October 2019. If you want to discover the game, come visit us at booth 4D119!

The SWAF Team