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Influence cards


The 3rd part of our publisher diary will be focused on a few Influence cards abilities. The remaining Influence cards and Heroes abilities will be revealed in the last part, with the scoring phase.

Don’t forget that you can trigger Influence abilities each round as long as you control the most of them and. Heroes abilities are one-time effects that occur the round you play them only and you don’t need to control the most of them.

Gaining resources

When we explain the rules of NINE during conventions, we proceed this way: Cards that give resources, Narashima and the Hero cards, Cards with specific abilities, like Justice, Galmi or Byun Hyung Ja





  • Phase de distribution : draw an additional card.
  • Phase de royaume : gain a Chaos token Chaos.This token will help you to gain a Diamond Diamant (5VP) during the game or to gain a Supremacy Suprématie at the end of the game (4VP).


Tomorrow is a rare card (2 copies in the deck), which makes Chaos tokens a coveted resource in comparison to Military and Science tokens. Playing Tomorrow at the beginning of the game gives you a rare resource but draws your opponent’s attention. Playing Tomorrow at the end of the game is very powerful for his extra draw ability but you will not score a lot of VP by controlling the most Tomorrow cards (2VP only).






  • Command phase : : you may spend a Culture token Culture (player starts the game with 1 Culture token) ) to play an additional card from your hand.
  • Kingdom phase : gain a Science token Science This token will help you to gain a Diamond during the game or to gain a Supremacy at the end of the game.


Phoenix’s Command phase ability costs a precious Culture token but can be very powerful in some situations :

  • If you play early in turn order, playing more cards will allow to obtain more majorities or to block your opponents from having some.
  • If you control the most Galmi cards (which increases your card limit by 2), you may benefit his ability more quickly.
  • If you do not control a lot of cards (because some of your cards have been destroyed by your opponents), it’s a good way to catch up.
  • It’s a good way to switch to another strategy if your opponents controlled the majorities you wanted to obtain.






  • Kingdom phase : gain a Military token Militaire. This token will help you to gain a Diamond during the game or to gain a Supremacy at the end of the game.
  • OR Kingdom phase : give one of your Military tokens to an opponent to destroy one of their Influence cards.


The destruction ability of Goan-Sul is very powerful for obvious reasons: removing an opposing majority, gaining one, slowing down an opponent who is on their way to winning the game, etc. However, the cost to use this ability cannot be neglected: you are risking losing the Military Supremacy token (4VP if you control the mot Military tokens at the end of the game) if it is used often and you give your opponent the opportunity to gain a Diamond thanks to Xi’an (see below) or to copy you Goan-Sul ability with a Hero named Fenghuang!






  • Kingdom phase : gain 1 coin Pièce. If the supply is empty, steal a coin from an opponent, if able.
  • OR Kingdom phase : spend 4 coins to gain a Diamond.


Each coin is worth 1VP at the end of the game, which means Abhilasha scores slowly, regularly and discretely VPs each round with a strong incentive not to steal his coins if you don’t want him to steal them back. Do not hesitate to stop that player’s progression early on as Abhilasha is a strong way to score VPs with a low number of cards (most of the time 1 or 2 Abhilasha cards are enough).






  • Kingdom phase : swap one of your tokens (Military, Science, Chaos or Coin) with another of these tokens from the supply.
  • OR Kingdom phase : spend 3 tokens (Military + Science + Chaos) to gain a Diamond token from the supply. A Diamond is worth 5VP at the end of the game.


Xi’an first ability gives him a lot of flexibility and can be powerful is some situations: If you do not control any Military token but the most Goan-Sul cards, you may swap one of your tokens with a Military one from the supply and then trigger Goan-Sul’s destruction ability! There are only 5 tokens of each type (Military, Science, Chaos and Coins): you may swap one of your tokens to create a penury for your opponents who play after you and who will not be able to gain the resource they need. If your coin is about to be stolen by Abhilasha, swap it with another token from the supply!

Xi’an second ability is very powerful as you will gain 5VP, but you will leave room for your opponents to score Supremacies at the end of the game …

Xi’an may protect you from Goan-Sul destruction ability in a way: if you control a Science and a Chaos token, your opponent will not be willing to destroy one of your cards as you will now have the Military token you needed to gain a Diamond!


Next week, we will reveal the last cards abilities and explain how to win the game ...

The SWAF team


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