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Why NINE ?


Welcome to the first part of our publisher diary about NINE. NINE is a 2 to 4 players game published by Sorry We Are French that will be released on October 4th (in France) at a 22€ MSRP price.

This publisher diary is divided into articles :

  • "Why NINE ?" in which we will unveil the reasons we decided to publish NINE, especially in the Immortal 8 universe. We will conclude with a brief overview of a round of play.
  • "The first steps" in which we will focus in detail on the 4 phases of a round and reveal some cards abilities.
  • "Exploring NINE" in which we will explain all cards abilities, how to score VPs and give a few strategic tips.

In each of these articles, you will have the opportunity to discover some details about the development of the game and about some decisions related to publishing. We hope they will help you to understand what we want to offer to the players by releasing NINE, but most importantly if they help you to know if the game is made for you or not!



The son of Koryo and Choson ...

Tour 1
The Koroyo family: Koryo (2013) – Choson (2014) – NINE (2019)


NINE is a game developed by Sorry We Are French designed after Gary Kim’s Koryo and Choson. This means we decided to make a new version of these games with Gary Kim’s agreement. He also validated the modifications by testing them in South Korea.

All 3 games share the same DNA: they are all card games with set collection elements and the main mechanic is based on activating cards if you control the most of their type. Players draw cards in a common draw pile and play their cards according a specific condition. The card repartition remains the same: cards are numbered from 1 to 9, which means there are as many cards of a type as its number (8 cards of value 8, etc.). This value is also the number of VPs you will earn at the end of the game if you control the most of them.

Example: there are 2 Tomorrow cards in the deck and if you control the most of them, you will score 2VP at the end of the game.


... and also Immortal 8’s little brother

Immortal 8 family: Immortal 8 (2018), NINE (2019) and Gosu X (2020)


NINE’s background is the same as Immortal 8’s. We decided to set our cards games in the same universe to bring more consistency to them. Immortal 8 being a game with a lot of different card abilities, it felt natural to add NINE to the family as Gosu X (Q4 2020) was already planned to join the family as well.

There are some graphic references (same artist: David Sitbon) since you will meet again the original 8 Immortals and 2 Heroes from Immortal 8 (Alpha and Fenghuang), but also reminiscing game components (Supremacy tokens, civilization tokens, etc.). You will also discover the 9th Immortal (Byun Hyun Ja) as he makes his first appearance in this universe. Gosu X will develop this universe with a lot of unique illustrations, but it’s too early to talk more about it!

NINE can be considered as Immortal 8’s little brother (easier to teach, easier to play) as it borrows some of its principles :

  • Gaining civilization tokens (Military, Science, Chaos), Coins and Culture
  • Diamonds are still hard to get
  • You gain a 4VP Supremacy token if you control the most of a given type of civilization token

NINE is more aggressive as you will have the opportunity to directly influence your opponents’ game, thanks to destruction-oriented cards like Goan-Sul and Alpha. These cards are necessary to make the majorities ever moving and to force players to adapt to a new situation.


A round of NINE


NINE keeps the structure of its ancestors: 4 phases during each of the 8 rounds (even if there used to be a Time Travel phase in Choson): dealing cards, selecting cards, playing cards and activating majorities, choose the cards to keep in your tableau.

At the beginning of each round, players reveal an Hourglass card which contains all information needed for the round: how many cards to draw, how many cards to keep, etc. Except for the 1st phase, all phases are played in turn order (which moves clockwise each round):

  • 1. Dealing phase : players draw cards
  • 2. Command phase: players choose the cards they want to play this round
  • 3. Kingdom phase : players reveal their cards and use their majority abilities
  • 4. Clean-up phase : each player chooses which cards they want to keep for the next round



The 4th round cards in Koryo, Choson and NINE


Next week we will explain the 4 phases in detail, but if you want to know more
about the game, you can download the rules on the website :

See you next week for a new article !

The SWAF team


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