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Discover Nine!

A game developed by Sorry We Are French based on Gary Kim’s Koryo and Choson

Artwork by David Sitbon

Nine is a majority and set collection game which lasts approximatively 20-30 minutes.

Play Influence and Hero cards to gain majorities: doing so will allow you to use their abilities and to score VPs at the end of the game.

2 to 4 players, 14+
20-30 minutes



How to play

A game of Nine lasts 8 rounds, each of them being divided into 4 phases. Hourglass cards indicate how each round is played:

Tour 1

Except for the dealing phase, each phase is played clockwise in turn order:

During the kingdom phase you will have the opportunity to gain Civilization, Coin and Diamond tokens which ill be worth VPs at the end of the game.


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How to win

The player with the most VPs wins the game!


63 cards : 45 Influence cards, 10 Hero cards and 8 Hourglass cards

49 tokens : 15 Civilization tokens, 10 Culture tokens, 8 VP tokens, 5 Coin tokens,
5 Diamond tokens, 4 Supremacy tokens, 1 Galmi Shield token, 1 First player token

1 rulebook in 2 languages (English/French)


Publisher diary

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